Delivery policy

Delivery options are limited to courier only. All orders, subject to availability and receipt of payment, will be fulfilled within one working day. Delays on the courier’s part is not grounds for returns or refunds. In order to prove delivery has taken place, the customer acknowledges that they themselves do not have to sign, but that any person at the given address can do so. Delivery is at a fixed flat rate of R110 for all main centers in South Africa. Orders of R650 or more qualify for free delivery. Courier delivery takes 2 -5 working days, depending on the destination. Main centers will generally receive their packages 2-3 days after their order is fulfilled. Outlying areas can estimate 4-5 working days. If your delivery has taken longer than these guidelines, please contact us so we can assist. In the case of Midstream Estate residents, Nature Shack commits to, for a limited period, free next day delivery for goods ordered, regardless of the amoun of the order (stock dependant). In either case, delivery will take place by 18:00 following the day the order has been fulfilled. This applies to business days only. No deliveries will take place on the weekend. Therefore if an order is received on a Friday, the customer can expect delivery by 18:00, on the following Monday, at the latest. Nature Shack delivers within South Africa only.


Payment can be done via EFT, Visa or Mastercard Credit Card, or through payment services provided by Nature Shack. No cash accepted – either in person upon delivery, or cash deposits into our account. No refunds will be given for cash deposits.

Use of website

This site (natureshack.co.za) may be used by customers or potential customers to browse or make purchases. No content, including text or images, may be copied, republished or reproduced, in any format, for any reason whatsoever.


Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure accuracy of all the information on this website (natureshack.co.za) and thorough investigation into the legitimacy and safety of the products sold on Nature Shack, it accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions. In addition, Nature Shack accepts no responsibility for any and all adverse reactions that may arise due to use of any of our products.

Returns and refunds

In the event that we are out of stock of any item, Nature Shack will contact you with options. An order may only be cancelled before payment. Once payment has been made by the customer, no cancellations will be accepted.

If a product is broken or damaged when a customer receives their order, Nature Shack must be informed within one working day of the customer receiving their parcel. Nature Shack requires this information to be conveyed via email, to support@natureshack.co.za, with details of the damage, as well as a photograph. Nature Shack will then give the customer the option of replacing the damaged or broken product to the value of the original purchase, or we’ll provide a refund.

In the unlikely event that any of the products ordered has expired and has gone rancid, or you, as the customer, feel the product doesn’t look or smell right, Nature Shack needs to be informed within one working day. Details for customer dissatisfaction must be sent to support@natureshack.co.za, along with a photograph. The customer will then be requested to return the product. Shipping or transport fees for the return of the product(s) is for the customer’s account. Upon receipt, Nature Shack will examine the product, and if it’s found that the product is indeed unusable, the customer will be offered the choice of a replacement or refund, to the value of the original product, including shipping fees incurred by the customer. If it’s found that the product is in a good, usable state, no refund or replacement will be offered.

Please note that most natural products are still usable 6 months from the date of expiry, and these products will not be accepted for return, exchange or a refund, unless they are rancid and unusable.

If a customer receives an incorrect product (i.e. one not ordered), Nature Shack must be informed within one working day. Nature Shack will investigate, and if the fault is found on our side, we will arrange for the incorrect product to be swopped out for the one actually ordered by the customer, with delivery, at no cost to them.

No returns will be accepted for any feminine hygiene products, for health reasons.


Nature Shack promises to take responsibility for all things related to the sales of our goods, within reason and the boundaries of the laws of South Africa, and within the parameters of the other Terms and Conditions stated on this website.

Complaints and feedback

Nature Shack welcomes any and all comments regarding our goods, services, or any other aspect of our services to you, the customer. Please direct all comments, compliments or complaints to Jennifer Withers – the director, at support@natureshack.co.za. If the communication involves a complaint, please provide details regarding the complaint – including dates, the people involved (if any), and exactly what went wrong. Nature Shack will do everything in its power, within reason, to rectify whatever mistakes were made from our side, as customer service is our number one priority.

Customer privacy policy

Nature Shack will ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure our customers’ privacy. Personal information, such as names, addresses, and card details will never be shared, reused, loaned, sold or disclosed. This information will be stored by Nature Shack for selling purposes only, and will be kept strictly confidential. 

Company information

Address: Eco Fusion 5, Block A, 1st Floor, Suite 7, 1004 Teak Close, Highveld, Centurion, 0157

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 17:00

Change in terms & conditions

These terms and conditions can be changed at any time, without notice, by Nature Shack. It is up to the user/customer to keep themselves informed of these changes by checking the website.

Company contact details:

Jennifer Withers (Director)

Email: support@natureshack.co.za