Hey Gorgeous Kohl Eyeliner

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Line those eyes with a pure eyeliner which contains zero chemicals. Suitable for use by anyone - even those who have extremely sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. All natural and vegan friendly. Hey Gorgeous does not test any of their products on animals.

Traditional cosmetics can be filled with chemicals which, in large and regular doses, can cause disruptions within the body by entering our bloodstream through our skin. Many man-made chemicals can cause skin irritations like eczema, instead of actually nourishing and respecting the natural balance of our bodies and skin. A natural product is just that - made only from pure and natural ingredients taken straight from nature itself.

Having your pencil at a specific temperature will change the results of your application. A warmer pencil will be soft, and provide a darker, more dramatic look. A cooler pencil will result in a softer, lighter application. To warm your pencil, aim your hairdryer, at is highest setting, at your pencil for a few seconds. To cool it down, place it in your freezer for 10 minutes.

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Ingredients Potato starch, Calcium stearate, Jojoba seed oil, Vit E and activated charcoal
Size 30ml
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