• Why buy from us?
  • How do I pay for my purchases?
  • What are my delivery options?
  • When will I receive my order?
  • What if no one is around to receive my parcel?
  • Is there a physical address where I can collect my order from?
  • What if I want to return a product I purchased?
  • How does your loyalty programme work?

Why buy from us?

Nature Shack is a store with one thing in mind – to give people options, at reasonable prices and with quick delivery. We want to open the world of organic and natural products to South Africa, and to help people see that all buying choices have effects – both on their health and their environment. We’re passionate about our products and suppliers – we try to source the safest products we can, and to support suppliers who are not only making a difference with their products, but who are community-minded as well.

Wherever possible, we try to use recycled, or recyclable, materials for delivery and shipping. These include packaging used by suppliers, and packaging we've collected through multiple channels, which has all been previously used.

Our products are strictly South African – we believe in supporting our local communities and creating opportunities for growth and job security through our suppliers wherever possible.

Our suppliers are strictly cruelty free. We will not stock any products of any suppliers who test their products on animals.

Our turnaround time is superb – all orders will be fulfilled within one working day of being placed.

Our aim is to add new products and new suppliers as we grow, offering you as much variety as we can.

How do I pay for my purchases?

Via EFT, or PayFast. Within PayFast there are several options - pay via Credit Card, Instant EFT, Manual Instant EFT, Automatic Instant EFT and Masterpass. Simply select the PayFast option, log into your account (or create one if you don't already have one), and you'll see the options dislayed.

If you're paying via EFT, our bank details are as follows: The Nature Shack, FNB Business Account 62777247258, Branch Code: 250955.

What are my delivery options?

Due to the unreliability of the post office, we offer delivery via courier only. Our rates are very reasonable – we charge a flat fixed rate of R110 for delivery of all parcels up to 25kgs, for main centers in South Africa (no remote or farm areas, unfortunately). We offer free shipping for all orders of R650 or more to all main centres of South Africa. For Midstream Estate residents, delivery is also free, regardless of the size of your order, for a limited time determined by Nature Shack.

When will I receive my order?

If you’re in the main centres of South Africa, like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and so on, you can expect to receive your order 2-3 working days after your order has been fulfilled. If you’re in outlying areas such as Potchefstroom and Rustenburg, you can expect 4-5 working days to receive your order.

What if no one is around to receive my parcel?

As much as possible, try to have someone available between business hours, Monday to Friday, to be available to sign for your parcel. You do not have to personally sign for your order – anyone at your chosen address can sign for it. If a delivery is attempted when no one is there to sign for it, the courier company will contact the client to arrange another time and date for delivery.

Is there a physical address where I can collect my order from?

Yes, we are now offering the option for you to collect yourself from our office premises. We ask that you please wait for an email to confirm your order has been picked and packed and is ready for pick up. Our physical address is as follows: 36 Jeffers Street, Midstream Hill, Midstream Estate, 1692.

What if I want to return a product I purchased?

Refunds or returns will only be accepted under the following circumstances:

•The product smells, or looks, strange, and the customer suspects it’s expired and/or unusable.

•If a product is delivered damaged or broken.

Please note: No feminine hygiene products like pads, sponges or menstrual cups will be considered for return, for health reasons.

How does your loyalty programme work?

It’s very simple – for every R100 you spend, you get one Nature Shack point. Each point is worth R1.00. Your points can then be used as currency on our site to pay for your next order – whether in full or just partially – it’s up to you how much to spend. These points do not expire and you can accumulate as many as you like before you use them.