With Christmas just around the corner, gift fever is in the air. This is Nature Shack’s first Christmas, and we’re thrilled to be able to spend it with you – our customers and fellow green ninjas. While of course Christmas means many different things to different people, I think this holiday (if you celebrate it) does one important, communal, thing. It brings us all together - family, friends, and friends who are family. It’s a time for giving and receiving, yes, but more importantly, it’s a time of love, gratitude and togetherness. Whether we celebrate because of our religious beliefs, or because we simply love the concept of Christmas (who doesn’t love a holiday which brings food, gifts and people together?), there’s a common and undeniable feeling of community and gratitude.

So follows the unavoidable question – what do I get for my loved ones? I for one, am a sucker for gift vouchers. It means I can buy whatever I want at my favourite store, without spending a cent of my own money, and I can pick out exactly what I want, which means no receiving gifts which are politely unwrapped and then put away, never to be seen again. If that’s too impersonal for you, or you’re buying for someone particularly close to you, I’ve always thought that gift sets are the way to go, especially if you’re introducing a loved one to a new product range.

If you have a loved one who really needs some time to unwind and relax in their own headspace, we have the perfect pamper products. From bath salts, scrubs and soaks to luxurious masks and facial treatments which will not only take great natural care of their skin, but also help them get their holiday glow on.

If you know of someone who's just had a baby, whether their first, second or fifth (yikes!), or a friend or family member who is currently on their pregnancy journey, cloth nappies are making a come-back, and Biddykins offers both fitted and pocket nappies, which are both a snap (pun intended) to fit and to care for. It's the logical solution to the millions of disposable diapers piling up in our landfills (each nappy can take hundreds of years to biodegrade).

Gifting can be a complicated process. We often end up buying the things that we wish we would receive, don’t we? (Or is that just me? No? Anyone?) That’s why gifting can be both painful and fun, because there’s nothing better than finding the perfect gift, and there’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to buy, or, worse, knowing exactly what you want but unable to find it.

Whatever your approach this Christmas, we at Nature Shack wish you and your loved ones a happy, safe and relaxing holiday. Unwind, sit back, and enjoy the spoils of this day and period, and come back in 2020 with more vigor, energy and enthusiasm than ever before.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us!