There are normally two main reasons for parents considering cloth nappies – cost, and the impact on the environment (and for many, just how cute the cloth nappies are).

The debate has raged on the first point – are cloth nappies really cheaper than disposable?

The question relies on a number of factors – what type of nappies you buy, how many you buy through the course of your child’s nappy years, and how often you wash. There are a multitude of options available out there, from pockets to flats to WAHM (Work at Home Mom) nappies which are often custom-made in small batches, which increases the cost.

The initial cost of cloth nappies is obviously much more than disposables, as people tend to buy the latter as needed. However, just as many people ask their guests at their baby shower to buy one packet of nappies, the same concept can be applied to cloth nappies. This is what we did for our son – we asked every couple who came to our shower to buy just one cloth nap

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