1. Wazoogles Superfood Coconut and Banana Protein Flapjacks


     Wazoogles Superfood Coconut and Banana Protein Flapjacks


    These pancakes are the Superhero disguised as the evil villain! They are packed with a lot of organic superfoods and plant-based protein. They taste like chocolate, and you only need to add 3 simple household ingredients together to make the batter. Easy-peasy!

    Made completely without any flour, butter or milk, these pancakes still hold their consistency and flavour. The secret ingredients are bananas, eggs and of course Wazoogles Superfood. Start with that and you can add almost anything to vary the consistency and flavour. Try throwing frozen blueberries into the batter before cooking them for a piping hot blueberry and ancient Mayan cacao superfood protein fl

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  2. Fruity Berry Smoothie

    Here at Nature Shack we believe in trying and using the products we sell.

    In that spirit, I tried a recipe this past weekend for a smoothie, with delicious results. It’s packed with delicious fruit and superfoods, guaranteed to give you a boost whether you choose it as a meal replacement, or a snack between meals. Here’s what you’ll need:


    1 handful of strawberries, fresh or frozen

    1 handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen

    1 quarter of a small papaya

    1 half of a small pineapple

    1 banana

    1-2 scoops of Wazoogles Unicorn Berry Protein Blend

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  3. Creamy Coco Green Smoothie Recipe

    Here’s a dreamy Creamy Coco Green Smoothie recipe for you, created by Leozette Roode, author of the South African Vegan Cookbook.


    1x small fresh mango

    1x small banana

    1-2 Scoops of Wazoogles Plant Power protein powder

    330ml coconut water (I used sparkling for extra fizzzzz)

    1/2 - 1 cup fresh spinach

    5 dried dates

    1 tablespoon Oh Mega Roasted Macadamia butter

    6 blocks of ice

    Toppings: Toasted coconut flakes, dried chopped rose petals and a drizzle of Buttanutt Roasted Macadamia butter

    Instructions: Blend in the Omniblend until smooth and creamy. Pour into glasses and decorate with toppings.

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