1. For Our Fathers

    Father’s Day is on the 21st of June, and although gifting is the obvious thing to do, what does this day actually mean to us? As daughters and sons, but also as the wives of the fathers of our children?

    The role of fathers has changed massively in the last generation or so for some, but for others, tradition still reigns supreme, with moms at home with the kids and fathers going out and earning a living to support their families. Whatever your personal circumstances, how do you feel about your father?

    It’s a truly complicated question. I grew up in the age where fathers were the breadwinners, and that was their role. As far as childrearing was concerned, that was more my mother’s domain. My mom often tells us stories of when we were babies or toddlers, and how my father (in my case) would walk up and down our long passage at night with me in the pram, because I was such a terrible sleep

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  2. Save (the earth, your pocket and on clutter)

    I like to think we all have great intentions when it comes to waste. I come from a family ruled by my mother, a Greek Catholic – the absolute epitome of no waste. (It’s true that to the Greeks there is no such thing as not being hungry. You eat regardless, or risk the wrath of a Greek woman, which never ends well for anyone involved). Is it possible to live a zero-waste lifestyle? I’m sure it is, but if that sounds like too high a mountain to climb, remember that even the smallest changes can make a big difference. If you make one small change, let’s say every month, by the time a year has gone by you would’ve made twelve great changes towards minimizing your household waste. It all really begins with mindfulness, which, like most things, takes practice.

    Say, for example, you grab a coffee every morning on your way to work. Did you know that billions of disposable coffee cups fill

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  3. A Time for Gifts

    With Christmas just around the corner, gift fever is in the air. This is Nature Shack’s first Christmas, and we’re thrilled to be able to spend it with you – our customers and fellow green ninjas. While of course Christmas means many different things to different people, I think this holiday (if you celebrate it) does one important, communal, thing. It brings us all together - family, friends, and friends who are family. It’s a time for giving and receiving, yes, but more importantly, it’s a time of love, gratitude and togetherness. Whether we celebrate because of our religious beliefs, or because we simply love the concept of Christmas (who doesn’t love a holiday which brings food, gifts and people together?), there’s a common and undeniable feeling of community and gratitude.

    So follows the unavoidable question – what do I get for my loved ones? I for one, am a sucke

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  4. The Beauty of Change

    Change is never easy, and almost always disruptive. As humans we like our comfort zones, and the safety of familiarity. So what do you do when you want to venture out of that zone? It depends, of course, on what kind of change we’re talking about, but invariably, change is about one major factor: adaptability. Because change is inevitable, there is no dodging it. So we adapt.

    Switching from using our usual products, which we whip off the familiar supermarket shelf with no more thought than we give putting one foot in front of the other, can be daunting. Where to start? Do you simply turf all the products from your home, bathroom and beauty collection and start from scratch? I suppose that’s one way to do it, but for me, and I think many people, change needs to be a bit more gradual.

    There are many ways to approach this, but here are my five ideas to ease you into a greener way of

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  5. Beginnings

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